We are rapidly trying to get together a forum and contact system for an Action Group to get compensation for shareholders above the 55p a share that £400 million pounds of fund raising took place a month  before the government took it over and Santander, the group, which owns Abbey, paid £612m for B&B's retail deposit business and branch network. Santander. The group, which owns Abbey, will pay £612m for B&B's retail deposit business and branch network.Meaning over £1bn was raised in 1 month under the Bradford and BIngley name and its assets. At close at 20 pence on Sept. 26 in London trading, the bank was valued at 256 million pounds.  Santander paid a share strike out price of 48p a share.

Like the Railtrack Action Group and Northern Rock Action Group we will hope to raise enough funds to take legal action if the government will not as many know give a fair settlement


Write to us on the facebook wall. To find us search for
bradfordand bingley

having spoke to the UK Shareholders Association, they will be setting up an action group like they have done for Northern Rock and it will be important to join them for legal action to take place